Revealing the obvious

I’m flicking through the latest Digital Consumer Trends Index report from a major consultancy.

Yes, it’s a little (okay, a lot) self-serving. But it’s professional. And it surveyed more than 5,000 consumers people across the United States plus the United Kingdom, Australia, France, Japan, Spain, and Ireland.

One of the key reveals is that consumers people really hate being stalked by online ads. The entire $155 billion a year clusterfuck that is the global programmatic advertising market is despised by the very people it’s supposed to persuade.

According to the report, consumers people surprisingly don’t feel comfortable with cookie-fueled ads or being hunted down by location tracking. They see this as a creepy marketing tactic.

This is something we all know to be blatantly and obviously true. We’ve known it all along.

Why some of us continue to support programmatic advertising is beyond me?

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