SEO hinges on keywords

Any idea what the most expensive keyword is in Google Adwords?

In the US, it’s ‘insurance’. The keyword ‘insurance’ brings in a quarter of all revenue.

Then it’s ‘loans’ followed by ‘mortgage’, ‘attorney’, ‘credit’, ‘lawyer’, ‘donate’, ‘degree’, ‘hosting’, ‘claim’ and the list goes on. The top twenty most expensive keyword is (wait for it) ‘cord blood’. As in umbilical cord blood.

Weird, I know. Sounds like some sort of trailer park trash talk. Do we really want to spend money to reach clients or customers who spend the majority of their time searching for insurance, loans, mortgages, credit and lawyers?

And how much would we pay to reach these good folk? US$54.91 per click if our keyword is insurance. Down to the bargain price of US$27.80 per click if our keyword is cord blood.

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