Serial Novel “The Sorrows” - March 28

We’ve been conditioned to the point where ultimately everybody will only do what’s good for them individually rather than what’s best for them collectively, what’s best for everyone.

Materialism, rationalism, reductionism have become our prevailing ideologies. No one has faith in anything anymore, not even technology.

Artificial intelligence and ChatGPT are nothing but the banality of plagiarism and apathy and obviation. It summarises standard arguments in reams of online text by a kind of superautocomplete. It refuses to take a stand on anything, pleads not merely ignorance but lack of intelligence and ultimately foists any blame around misinformation on the information itself. No care and no responsibility.

It sounds like the perfect account executive of any major public relations firm.

Technology has hit a brick wall. What happens when everybody has a phone, a laptop, a smartwatch? We can only make them so much thinner, so much faster. We’ve established our technological rock bed. We’ll only be moving forward in barely noticeable increments.

We need to evolve as humans, as a species. What other choice do we have? Watch the latest must-watch streaming series on television while our homes burn? Entertain ourselves to death?

Invest in crypto as savings banks collapse all around us? Turn over another report on covid’s origins from lab leaks? Read organic pasta recipes online? Learn pranayama yoga?

Buy more investment properties to defray any tax obligations? Deduct mortgage interest payments, property taxes, insurance and depreciation?

Increase rents?


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