“The Map and the Territory”

Artist Jed Martin emerges from a ten-year hiatus with good news.

It has nothing to do with his broken boiler, the approach of another lamentably awkward Christmas dinner with his father or the memory of his doomed love affair with the beautiful Olga. 

It is that, for his new exhibition, he has secured the involvement of none other than celebrated novelist Michel Houellebecq. 

The exhibition brings Jed new levels of global fame. But, his boiler is still broken, his ailing father flirts with oblivion and, worst of all, he is contacted by an inspector requiring his help in solving an unspeakable, atrocious and gruesome crime, involving none other than celebrated novelist Houellebecq.


‘Capitalist ennui and social entropy change positions from laborious thematic backdrop to front-and-center subject. Sentence after sentence in this novel are worth saving as talismans against soullessness.’ William H. Payne

‘Most interesting, provocative and important European novelist of my generation. Period. No one else comes close.’ Bret Easton Ellis

‘Rich, thought provoking, visionary. Great sense of humor (albeit quite dark sometimes), fine intellect and wonderful prose.’ Anibal Madeira

‘I loved the mesmerizing take on consumerism and contemporary art. Loved the marvelous depiction of the Samsung ZRT-AV2 manual. Loved the lack of simile. Made me smile when I put it down. Strangely satisfying.’ Stefano Boscutti

ISBN 0307701557 / 289 pages / 380 minutes of guileless reading pleasure

Get your copy now because we all need some trenchant social satire.

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