The world’s a website

Should these thoughts and rumblings and missives be online?

What harm will come of it? What good? (Out of my head, down my fingers and out into the world. One less thing to think about.)

Loosen up my thoughts, free my mind from obligations and second-hand thinking. Imaging I know how someone will act and react when I know that depends on so many thing out of my control. Everything from the weather to whatever chemical sluice their mind has conjectured at that point of the day or night.

Why even worry what the audience thinks, what people imagine? (Because it feels good to be loved? Perhaps, it’s because I’m yet to love myself enough that I seek love from perfect strangers.)

Ahhh, yes, perfect strangers. Perfect because they’re figments of my imagination. Perfect because they can do no harm, give no slight. Perfect imaginings.

So the solution is to love myself more. That point in the story when the antagonist actively decides to love themselves and in the process save themselves from a tragedy.

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