Website content strategy checklist

Any website is only as good as the content it contains.

If you spend all your website development resources on building the technology that contains your message and don’t clearly think through the message you want to convey, your website will be a failure.

Your web strategy and design planning require you to think through who your audience is, what type of content is most appropriate, and how you’ll create that content and keep it fresh and interesting.

Follow these checklist steps to make sure that your website content strategy is as effective as possible.

Fill in the blanks and check the boxes to get an instant overview.


1. Project

“We’re building a _ _ _ _ _ for _ _ _ _ that _ _ _ _ ”


2. Content type

[_] Awareness

[_] Capture

[_] Nurture

[_] Convert

[_] Retention

[_] Many / All


3. Editorial

What content strategy basics do we need?

[_] Define the audience

[_] Analyze competitors

[_] Audit existing content

[_] Align with business strategy

[_] Establish metrics


4. Experience

What assistance with product experience?

[_] Create ecosystem

[_] Describe user journey

[_] Develop priority messages

[_] Develop formats

[_] Select channels

[_] Apply brand voice

[_] Create editorial guidelines

[_] Create editorial calendars

[_] Create internal resources


5. Structure

How will the content be built?

[_] Collaborate with producers and developers

[_] Create content requirements

[_] Assist with CMS selection


6. Size

How big and complex is this project?

[_] Small

[_] Medium

[_] Large

[_] Extra Large


7. Topic specialization

[_] Yes

[_] No


8. Governance

How will we manage the content lifecycle?

[_] Implement ops model

[_] Create policies

[_] Develop staffing plan

[_] Hire

[_] Train

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