Website first

Everything is becoming a screen you hold in your hand.

Everything is becoming a website in one form or another. An app is a contained website that lives on your phone. A streaming service is a broad website with a browser that lets you search and play their content. A platform is a singular website with a stack of hosted technology delivering a specific experience.

Everything is being subsumed by the web. What passes for a mobile phone is now every entertainment system you ever owned - theaters, cinemas, televisions, radios, hi-fi, books, cameras, games, sports, pianos, guitars, drums, lutes, xylophones, metronomes, whatever - within a thin slice of electrified black glass in the palm of your hand. 

Given that everything is a website, why don’t businesses and brands treat their own with more reverence? Why dismiss it as an obligatory marketing exercise?

Why spend as little to make it as shallow and useless as possible? Why not make it the main focus?

Why not write and build a website first and then attach the business components?

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