Welcome to hell

Have you tried subscribing to the Wall Street Journal?

Half-assed discounts and pop-up windows and multi-tiered subscriptions (or is it memberships?) and erratic copy and green ticks and red crosses and gray strikethroughs and boxes and buttons and blips and blobs and logos and the rest of it. All crammed in all over the place. It’s an unholy shit show.

All because of some distant direct mail subscription mandates from the 1960s (1860s?). All from some print legacy and middle management fuckery that mangles the online user experience.

Instead of making it complex, maddening and brain-melting, it should be easy. Really easy with just three subscription tiers that everyone understands - First, Business, Economy.

Such subscription tiers are easily understood with implicit and intrinsic features and benefits, and social status. The marketing is baked in.

Forget the direct marketing lingo and tricks. Make every subscription page a great ad with great creative.

Make it smart, clever and a cut above.   

Just like the readers see themselves.

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