What’s at stake?

We often make the mistake of confusing content with story.

Content is the stuff you pour into a bottle. Content is what goes into a packet of cornflakes. Content is sold by weight and volume.

If we treat our stories like content, we undermine their value and the real contribution they can make to enriching lives.

A fact is not a story. A bullet point is not a story. A mindless report that goes on and on and on is not a story.

A story requires a value to be at stake. Without a value at stake there’s nothing to fight for, nothing to strive for. There’s no purpose.

There’s no drama to gain awareness, hold attention and drive action. What’s at stake is ultimately brought to life by a story’s theme. In many ways, it’s the theme writ large. It’s the theme made visible.

Imagine being so clear about what’s at stake that anyone can immediately relate. There’s no better way to bond.

People don’t buy our products and services. They buy what our products and services represent. They buy (or don’t buy) our stories.

When what’s at stake in the story matches what’s at stake in their lives, they’ll happily reach for their credit cards.

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