What’s missing in people’s lives?

Forget about products and services.

Don’t worry about vision statements and mission statements and guiding principles and value stacks and tactics. Especially tactics. Trying to make change by focusing on tactics first puts the way the cart is built before the horse. It might feel like you’re getting something done, but ultimately you’re going to waste time and resources and wonder why you’re not getting any traction.

To truly make change that matters, look for what is missing in peoples’ lives. Don’t settle for surface appearances. Dig deeper until you find out why it’s missing and what it means to them.

Underneath all the blabber and pretense, you’ll find a universal truth. You’ll see the root cause of what’s absent from people’s lives.

Then you can design the product or service (or whatever) to cure the cause, so the absence resolves itself.

You’ll help people become better version of themselves.

And for that they’ll be forever grateful.

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