Who would want to be a Chief Marketing Officer?

Spare a thought for the new soon-to-be embattled Chief Marketing Officer.

Months of grueling interviews, agreeing with disagreeable board members, wondering whether the Chief Executive Officer is a sociopath or a psychopath. They finally get the job, the office, the perks.

And before they’ve got time to catch their breath, a crisis simmering before their time suddenly hits the brand hard. They’re reeling.

Then another crisis uppercuts them. Then another slams them from the side. Then they’re down for the count.

They’re blamed for everything that’s wrong with the business and the brand, everything they had nothing to do with.

They become the scapegoat for every stupid CEO decision signed off by the stupid board.

Wallowing in round after round of damage control, there’s no time or resources to grow the brand.

They’ll be lucky if they get out of there alive.

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