Stefano Boscutti

For those who reach further.

Those who fly waaaay too close to the sun. Those who stop at nothing.

The mighty highs and the awful crashing lows. All the mess and mayhem and merriment. Bittersweet satire laced with dark, wry humor. Dashed with a little irony.

All the better to make life worth living.



“Boscutti’s Don Simpson” (Novel)

“Boscutti’s Don Simpson” (Screenplay)

“Boscutti’s Orson Welles” (Screenplay)

“Boscutti’s Steve Jobs” (Screenplay)

“King David” (Story)

“Boscutti’s John Harper” (Screenplay)

“Kafka’s Hairbrush” (Story)

“Republican Standup: Ayn Rand” (Story)

“Republican Standup: Fundraiser” (Story)

“Boscutti’s Elvis Presley” (Novel)

“Boscutti’s Elvis Presley” (Screenplay)

“The Wedding Video” (Screenplay)

“Bring Me the Head of John Grisham” (Story)

“The Problem with Private Jets” (Story)

“Letter to Berkshire Shareholders: First Draft” (Story)

“Rick Perry Prays For The Assassination Games” (Story)

“Selling Anne Frank” (Story)

“The Rumors Swirling About James Patterson” (Story)

“You Know What I Like to Do at Four O’Clock, Ed?” (Story)



“Boscutti’s Way” (Short Series)

“This Terrible Dividing Line” (Public Service Announcement)

“Reign of Witches” (Public Service Announcement)

“Cocaine” (Story Clip)

“Psycho” Beasts of Bourbon (Music Video)



“A Theater Of Envy: William Shakespeare” René Girard

“The Melbourne Book” Maree Coote

“Confessions of an Advertising Man” David Ogilvy

“Volume: John Wardle Architects” Leon van Schaik

“The Place Economy” Andrew Hoyne et al.

“Simulacra and Simulation” Jean Baudrillard

“The Master Switch” Tim Wu

“8 1/2” Federico Fellini, Ennio Flaiano, Tullio Pinelli





Stefano Boscutti is a freelance creative director and award-winning writer based in Melbourne, Australia.


© Stefano Boscutti All Rights Reserved