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Stefano Boscutti


You know old ideas are holding back your business or brand.

Especially now as the coronavirus pandemic begins to ease and the world starts to reset.

McKinsey and other hackneyed consultant are no help. They’re dusting off old decks and renaming old frameworks in the hopes that clients won’t notice.

Using the same old ideas and expecting different results is insane. It’s why 50% of businesses and brands will crash and burn post-Covid-19.

You know the only way your business or brand is going to make it is with new ideas that set you apart and generate strong, new growth.

Smart new ideas that can change everything.


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Smart new ideas for strong, new growth.

I know how teeth-gnashingly frustrating it is trying to come up with new ideas and fresh solutions internally. That’s where outside thinking can help.

While my smart new ideas vary from client to client, they’re designed to generate higher margins and strong, new growth. Designed to make the whole greater than the sum of the parts.

For example, my smart new ideas for Triple J included the name, the name in lower case when used editorially, the distinctive triple drumstick logo and font, the strategy to focus on independent Australian music as we rolled out from a tiny inner-city Sydney studio to a national broadcasting behemoth that regularly tops the ratings.

Other smart new ideas I developed for Triple J included “Beat The Drum,” “Triple J Unearthed” and “Triple J Hottest 100” that changed Australian culture forever. As well as Brand Guidelines, Multiple Campaigns, Website, Identity, and Content. And Merchandise. Oh my God, so much merch.

My smart new ideas impact every aspect of a business or brand from the inside out. Animation, Apps, Apparel, Art Direction, Brand Experiences, Brand Guidelines, Brand Names, Brand Strategy, Campaigns, Copywriting, Digital Design, Digital Strategy, Editorial, Fragrance, Identity, Illustration, Internal Communications, Music, Packaging, Photography, Positioning, Products, Publishing, Services, Signage, Slogans, Social, Sound, Typography, Video, Wayfinding, Websites.


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Get smart new ideas the easy way.

1. Schedule free consultation with me to clarify your growth goals

2. Choose the “Smart New Ideas Package” that’s best for your business or brand

3. Enjoy higher margins and strong, new growth


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Enjoy smart new value.

- You make higher margins

- You build strong, new growth

- You reduce development costs

- You overcome silo thinking

- You broaden perspectives

- You gain fresh opportunities

- You attract and engage more people

- You lift conversion rates

- You increase brand value

- You negate risk

- 30 years experience

- Rapid ideas development

- Inspiring presentations

- Instant copyright transferral

- Satisfaction assured

- Money-back guarantee


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I get it - sitting around with your colleagues struggling to come up with new ideas is a drag.

When you work with me, you can make those useless brainstorming workshops a thing of the past. I make it easy for you to get smart new ideas for strong, new growth.

No more time-consuming blah, blah, blah. No more expensive headcounts. No more soggy pastries. And no more stupid ideas.

When you choose the “Smart New Ideas Package” that’s best for your business or brand, you know you’re getting smart new ideas for higher margins and strong, new growth. It lets you clarify your growth goal and purchase 7, 14, or 21 ideas to achieve that goal.

What does an “Smart New Ideas Package” look like? Here are two I developed and presented last month - “21 Smart New Ideas to Grow a Design Firm’s Profit Margin by 50%” and “14 Smart New Ideas to Grow a Superannuation Fund by $500 Million”.

Old ideas are holding you back. I create smart new ideas your business or brand couldn’t come up with in a million years.

Smart new ideas that can change everything.


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