Read different.

Enough with killing trees already.

You don’t want dusty old books, fusty old ideas. You want something bright and shiny and new.

You’re an early adopter who gets it before everyone else. You’re the first to know. You don’t wait until everyone else catches on. You lead the way.

If you like literature the old-fashioned way with languid prose and overwrought metaphors, you’ve come to the wrong place. You’re not wanted here. Take your arcane pretensions with you and don’t let the last page of an ebook slap you on the way out.

But if you like different, if you like electric literature, you’ve come to the right place. Do you like modern Stories, meta Screenplays with exhilarating plot twists and ambitious Novels that defy the form? Hell, you’re in for a treat.

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Like Stefano Boscutti, you probably work in or around or through media in one way or another. You’ve created brands out of thin air. Spun millions if not billions of dollars from your imagination. (Hopefully, you’re not a content serf. If so, keep calm and write on. The revolution is coming. The revolution is almost here.)

You know advertising and media and branding and movies and websites and religion and user experience and whatever new series is about to launch on Netflix are now all the same thing. Now all mediated by a screed of screens.

And all underpinned by story. Without a good story there’s no engagement, no resonance, no meaning, no understanding. There’s just empty pixels and longing.

Without a good story, there’s nothing.