Better story

If you’re a screenwriter, producer, director or development executive, you know Stefano Boscutti can help you improve any screenplay or series you’re struggling with.

Not just polishing scenes and dialogue but solving deeper structural issues with a better story to ensure more audience engagement, more resonance. Typically without adding expensive set pieces or special effects.

But through character design and story mapping that takes a script from good to great. And without any drama over credits.

Better outcomes

Stefano also helps companies, orgnizations and institutions become more successful by shaping and telling better stories.

Smart executives know their communications now compete for attention on the same screens as the latest and greatest Netflix series. Along with thousands of pieces of content in every form of media.

Having a better story cuts through all the dreck and eliminates the risk of messages being lost. A better story unifies and strengthens communications across owned, earned and paid media. It compounds interest to ensure the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.

A better story brings everything together.

A better story produces better outcomes.