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Outrageous real life Hollywood super producer Don Simpson wants to do something good with his life.

But all the hookers and drug dealers and movie stars just keep getting in the way. Simpson teamed with Jerry Bruckheimer to create the high concept blockbuster that changed the film business for ever. Now he wants to change himself.

“Boscutti’s Don Simpson” is a truly wild Hollywood novel. It’s based on an award-winning screenplay that’s based on a true story. A brilliant, freewheeling look at a life in free fall.

Will the notorious Simpson overcome his demons and finally make a film he is proud of?

‘In a town of bastards, Don Simpson was the bastard king. An outrageous Hollywood super producer who didn’t know where to draw the line. Unless it was with cocaine. A man who loved drugs almost as much as he loved prostitutes. What drives a man like Simpson? I guess that’s what I wanted to find out.’ Stefano Boscutti


‘Blistering fuel-injected no-holes-barred look at everything that went wrong with Hollywood.’ Patricia Walden

‘Part lurid celebrity potboiler, part industry insider and seldom less than engrossing.’ Dan Suraci

‘Blackly hilarious, beautifully written novel that blends fact into a new form of fiction.’ Mike Fabus

Exclusive Author Edition / ISBN 9780980712520 / Rated R / 54,000 words / 216 minutes of uncompromising reading pleasure

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