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And you thought your life was a movie.

Outrageous legendary producer Don Simpson is famous for packing as much excess into his life as into his movies. His blustering blockbuster model became the standard Hollywood formula. But he wants to change his bombastic life. He wants to make a film he is proud of.

“Boscutti’s Don Simpson” is an award-winning Hollywood screenplay that’s based on a true story. More sex and drugs and movie stars than a Hollywood orgy.

Is the notorious Simpson going too fast to turn his life around?

‘What happens when you have everything and you still want more, still need more? When enough is never enough? When your ambition starts to feed on itself? I guess that’s what I was trying to discover.’ Stefano Boscutti


‘Lurid details and lucid insights give way to a memorable, indispensable look at Hollywood in all its glory.’ Joan Young

‘Illuminates the source of Don Simpson’s long emotional torment more than any factual biography.’ Tony Rossitto

‘Astonishing, sprawling and spectacular look at American life as seen through the movies.’ George Bauchens

“Boscutti’s Don Simpson” was a finalist in Francis Ford Coppola's American Zoetrope Screenwriting Contest and Amsterdam International Film Festival. Features improved screenplay format to make it easier and more enjoyable for you to read.

Exclusive Author’s Edition / ISBN 978098744652-7 / Rated R / 23,000 words / 92 minutes of fast and furious reading pleasure

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