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Step into the soul of a legend.

Increasingly anxious Elvis breaks free from the confines of Graceland on a crazy mission to meet President Nixon and score a Federal Drug Agent’s badge. For the first time in his life, Elvis leaves his entourage behind as he hits the road on his own. Will he find what he’s looking for?

“Boscutti’s Elvis Presley” is a true rock’n’roll novel. It’s based on an award-winning screenplay that’s based on a true story. You’ve never seen the king like this.

Will Elvis Presley find himself?

‘Fat, bloated, lost American dreamer. It’s too easy to dismiss Elvis as a has-been or a hack. Truth is the man made rock’n’roll in his spirit. I wrote this novel to find out more about Elvis than the typical biographies and hagiographies. I was looking for the soul of the man. The soul of rock’n’roll.’ Stefano Boscutti


‘Strikingly cinematic storytelling that cuts just the right way. Fine writing, sparkling dialogue. Sleek, fast-paced and exciting.’ Henry Alson

‘Everything that’s great about rock’n’roll wrapped up in an impossibly true story.’ Juliet Hadsell

‘Stylish and addictive, plenty of intrigue and drama from Memphis to Los Angeles to Washington and into the heartland of America.’ Brent Stine

Exclusive Author Edition / ISBN 9780987446510 / 59,000 words / 236 minutes of high-spirited reading pleasure

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