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Walk a thousand miles in Elvis’ shoes.

It’s 1970. It’s Christmas. And Elvis Presley is jack of it. He’s had enough of the songs, the fans, the girls, the guys, everything.

He flees Graceland on a wild, manic quest to meet President Nixon before Colonel Parker can haul his ass back to Memphis. The King wants to score a Federal Drug Agent’s badge. The President of America is the only man who can get it for him. Based on an amazing true story.

“Boscutti’s Elvis Presley” is a truly spirited rock’n’roll screenplay. Sometimes the truth really is stranger than fiction.

Will Elvis convince Nixon to give him what he needs?

‘You don’t need to be an Elvis fan to love the man. He was the embodiment of the American dream. I wrote this biopic to find out what drove a boy from Tupelo, Mississippi, to become Elvis Presley. What drove a man to become a king. I want to show you a side of Elvis only a handful of people ever saw. I want you to see the true Elvis.’ Stefano Boscutti


‘Intimate portrait of the king of rock’n’roll with much humor, gossip and adulation. Judicious and delightfully addictive.’ Mary Turpin

‘Boscutti untangles the soul of man in a wild, riveting and sharply written screenplay. I didn’t want it to stop.’ Helen Nye

‘Often poignant psychological profile of a true rock’n’roll visionary. You’ve never seen Elvis like this.’ Fay Scott

“Boscutti’s Elvis Presley” was a finalist in Francis Ford Coppola’s American Zoetrope Screenwriting Contest. Features improved screenplay format to make it easier and more enjoyable for you to read.

Exclusive Author’s Edition / ISBN 9780980712551 / Rated R / 19,000 words / 76 minutes of sly reading pleasure

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