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Stefano Boscutti - Boscutti Orson Welles Screenplay - Sample Cover
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Can you ever truly know another person?

Wunderkind director, producer, actor, writer, narrator and magician Orson Welles turned his life into a masterpiece. From his bold adventures on the stage as a young man to one daring film after another.

“Boscutti’s Orson Welles” takes the central theme and structure of Welles’ cinematic masterwork “Citizen Kane” to parallel the true story of his life. From all the heady triumphs to every spectacular failure.

A sensational biography told in a series of overlapping flashbacks that intimately reveal Welles’ prolific life and loves. Maddening, thrilling, dazzling and ultimately moving.

Step behind the camera and into the life of a true American original.

‘I wanted to look beyond the Welles mythology of the bombastic egoist who squandered his ethereal talents, the misunderstood genius. I wanted to delve deeper into what drives a man to take on the world and become an artist.’ Stefano Boscutti


‘Incomparable take on Orson Welles’ mercurial life.’ Owen Gilmann

‘Brilliant scene-stealing biography expressed in a daring, stylized screenplay.’ Anne Pereira

‘As unique and engaging as the great man himself. Exhilarating.’ Ray Jeakins

“Boscutti’s Orson Welles” is based on a true life story. Features improved screenplay format to make it easier and more enjoyable for you to read.

Exclusive Author Edition / ISBN 9780987446503 / 26,000 words / 104 minutes of luminous reading pleasure

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