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Maybe it’s the economy?

Or the alimony payments? Or the hikes in health care premiums? Or the chipped coffee mug in the green room?

Whatever it is, Richard Charmer hasn’t been feeling his usual jovial self lately. And that’s not good for business when you’re a Republican standup comedian.

“Republican Standup: Ayn Rand” is an incisive political story. Ever wonder what happens when you start to question what you stand for?

When you start to question your beliefs?

‘See what happens when the incessant hypocrisy of right wing politics becomes a punch line.’ Stefano Boscutti


‘Acerbic take on the human condition and the politics of division.’ Giancarlo Bandini

‘Get ready for some right wing nihilism.’ Larry Dillion

‘Marvelous, fractured account of what appears to be a comedian wandering the seventh circle of hell.’ Paul McCabe

Exclusive Author Edition / Rated R / 1,500 words / 6 minutes of super sharp reading pleasure

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