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When you look at American politics these days, what do you see?

Land of the extreme, home of the crazy? The Democrats are keeping their loonies under wraps. But the Republicans? Man, they’re out of control.

“Rick Perry Prays for the Assassination Games” is a political ‘what if’ story. What if you take the current principles of the Republican Party to their natural conclusion? What if those values reign supreme?

What if it really is every man for himself? What if you destroy all those meddlesome laws and regulations? What if it is kill or be killed?

Imagine the Republican Primaries as the Hunger Games. In a derelict shopping mall. With lots of security cameras. So there’s no place to hide.

No more dull speeches, no more boring debates, Republican contenders now face each other in a thrilling three-day death match that’s broadcast to the world. A fight to the death where the winner will lead the party to the next election. You can even bet on it if you like.

Rick Perry is the odds-on favorite. He has the love of his God and his sponsors. So why does he doubt himself?

‘Where did the idea come from? Probably from watching one of the early Republican debates when the audience cheered at Rick Perry’s record number of executions. I guess if you live by the death penalty you better be ready to die by it.’ Stefano Boscutti


‘Brilliant, cruelly funny satire of American politics and television programming.’ Mark LaPorte

‘Damning reflection on the reality of American democracy.’ David Tarallo

‘Sharp and acerbic.’ Matt Kelland

Exclusive Author Edition / ISBN 9780980712582 / Rated R / 3,000 words / 12 minutes of keen reading pleasure

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