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Welcome to a brave new world of advertising.

Welcome to the future where brooding advertising agency head, Simon Ross, is having one of those days.

He’s of two minds about whether he should pitch for the Anne Frank account. His senior account planner is putting the pressure on. His senior team is all over the place. And his creative director is missing.

“Selling Anne Frank” is a revealing advertising story. It’s a look at where we’re all heading.

Can the philosophical Ross win the account from his former partner?

‘I sometimes wonder whether I come to praise advertising or bury it. I guess I’m still trying to find out.’ Stefano Boscutti


‘Appallingly amusing serving of speculative fiction. So funny it hurts.’ Linda Cantero

‘Fly through a media-saturated future that looks and feels a lot like now. Only more so.’ Bo Rossall

‘Manic, brilliant satire of Americapitalism in the not too distant future.’ Kerry Phillips

Exclusive Author Edition / ISBN 9780980712513 / Rated PG-13 / 7,000 words / 21 minutes of sharp reading pleasure

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