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Do you remember your first day on the job?

Engaging writer’s first day on the job at James Patterson, Inc.

He wants to make a good impression but it’s not going to be as easy as he thought. If only he hadn’t lost his full stop.

“The Rumors Swirling About James Patterson” is a lean, mean literary machine. Ever wondered how they make a bestseller? Time to punch in.

Can the new writer avoid temptation and get with the program?

‘Since 2006, one out of every 17 novels bought across the United States was written by James Patterson.’ The New York Times


‘Stunningly inventive, sometimes hilarious and so so wry.’ Mark Isherwood

‘Boscutti is a hell of a writer. Full of irreverence and wit and great turns of phrase.’ John Peterson

‘Impressive and imaginative look at the corporatization of contemporary life.’ Jay Angelou

Exclusive Author Edition / Rated R / 2,000 words / 8 minutes of keen reading pleasure

Exclusive Author Edition provides best value with .epub, .mobi and .pdf files for reading on any device or app. You’ll be taken to a download page after completing your order. You’ll also receive an email with download links.

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