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Is your startup or business or career dangling between life and death?

Battling entrenched competition? Burning marketing dollars? Growing too slowly? 

In “What I Think About When I Think About Zero to One,” Stefano Boscutti quickly reviews the assumptions laid out in Peter Thiel’s breakthrough best seller “Zero to One” and shows you how you can profit from them in your startup or business or career.

You can quickly see how to build ongoing success in a world increasingly dominated by information technology.

Are you ready to create a better and more profitable future?

‘Why did I write this? To question some of Thiel’s assertions and quickly give you a better, deeper understanding of his thinking to save you having to spend days reading and taking notes. There’s more than a few insights and takeaways you can action today to make your future come true.’ Stefano Boscutti


‘Deeply subjective review of Silicon Valley’s reigning philosopher king.’ Louise Harkins

‘Prompts you to think hard about the future of business.’ Martin van Rhyn

‘Full of playful insights into creating a new world.’ David Nealson

Exclusive Author Edition / Rated PG-13 / 4,000 words / 16 minutes of monopolistic reading pleasure

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