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Meet Hollywood’s most inglorious bastard.

Legendary bad boy movie mogul Don Simpson has just been made the new head of production at Paramount Studios.

As he waits for a journalist to arrive for a customary interview, he reflects on his hectic life so far. A life that has seen him rise from Nowhereville, Alaska to the top of the Hollywood food chain.

“You Know What I Like to Do at Four O’Clock, Ed?” is a fast and furious Hollywood story. It’s a scene sliced straight out of Don Simpson’s life.

Can the ferocious Simpson win over the journalist from the L.A. Times?

‘The average Hollywood tycoon prefers to be discreet about such plunder. But Don Simpson was an animal, and the suave masters in silk suits were tickled that he was so naked, so acting out with it.’ The Independent


‘Uninhibited and altogether fascinating story of a man who created Hollywood in his image.’ Michael Anderson

‘Fast, messy, and outrageously fierce. It’s a true mythic blowout.’ Carla Pestalozzi

‘Glimpse into a life lived hard, fast and without apology.’ Jim Scarpe

Exclusive Author Edition / ISBN 9780980712506 / Rated R / 6,000 words / 24 minutes of outrageous reading pleasure

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