Who the hell am I?

I’m Stefano Boscutti. Everyone calls me Stef.

I’m a creative writer and a creative director. I started life as a journalist followed by advertising school followed by post-graduate distinction at Australia’s best film school followed by becoming one of Australia’s youngest creative directors (which was fun but weird) followed by hitting the road as a freelancer.

I’ve won a heap of awards. I’ve worked on lots and lots of accounts across pretty much every category. My three greatest hits? Being the creative director of STA Travel and playing a pivotal role in creating the independent travel market. Being the creative director on triple j and giving voice to Australia’s youth. Being a creative director at SBS and helping make the multicultural broadcaster more relevant to more Australians across more platforms.

I’m based in Melbourne, Australia. I work with clients across Australia and around the world.

Questions? Email me via stef@boscutti.com